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Expert tips for excelling in CBSE BOARD EXAM – 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Exams 2019 are scheduled to be conducted in the month of February next year.

The biggest worry for the board students is to Crack the 90% ceiling because the competition to get into premier universities have reached a high level.

The students of Ranjan Tutorials scored really well in last year board exam. It has put a lot of pressure on current board aspirants. Ranjan tutorials the best coaching institute in Ghaziabad suggests following tips for excel in Board Exam:-

[A] Tips to Parents
  • (i) Parents should ensure that their child is not disturbed by relatives. They should also not let their child sacrifice his or her studies for family functions
  • (ii) Good sleep should be encouraged by parents.
  • (iii) They should also accompany them to the board exam centre as it can really motivate the student to do well.

[B] Tips to Student

While attempting Board paper: -

(1) Proper utilization of reading time:

The first thing to do read your paper well, understand it well. Read all the questions in 15 minutes. While reading, do the following: -

  •  Select your options wisely.
  •  Mark the key points/requirements of the question
  •  Mentally solve the 1st question to be answer
  •  Reallocate your strategy to solve the paper.

(2) Don’t worry about the tough ones: -

The moment you find that there are a few tough questions; it is natural that you start worrying about them. This is not required and will only harm your performance. The fact is that they may look a bit tough on the surface, but when you actually work on them you will find most of them to be much easier than they seemed. So be happy about the easy ones and don't get unduly worried about the tougher lot. Use ‘RAT APPROACH’.

(3) Keep an eye on your watch: -

Keeping an eye on your watch is of course not to increase your stress. This is just to see that you are broadly adhering to the time allocation as per your strategy. A minor variation is not at all a reason to worry.

(4) Avoid thinking too much about a question: -

Thinking about the questions before you attempt them is essential; but not to such an extent that you waste a lot of time on one question. Also you need not write a very lengthy answer to a question just because the question is easy and you know it very well. Remember, you need to just answer the question and nothing more. Any over-attempt will be a mere waste of time.

(5) Use easy language:-

While writing your answer, make sure that you use easy to understand language. An examiner will rather be impressed by a conceptual answer written in simple language than with one without any conceptual language but written in flowery language.

(6) Be neat and clean:-

Write your answer in a clean and legible handwriting. Not everyone has a beautiful handwriting but anyone can write answers with proper space and punctuation and in a legible handwriting. Remember that if your answer sheet is not clean and handwriting illegible, it will be unfavorable to you. Use margin wherever necessary.

(7) Avoid using slangs: -

Remember that written English is different from spoken English. Using slang words or SMS language will be counted as spelling mistake and you will be penalized for the same.

(8) Revise your answers:-

Usually the question papers are set in such a way that even after attempting all the questions, students should be left with 5-10 minutes in the end to revise their answers. Do not waste your time and revise all your answers.

If you follow these tips religiously, you can be prepared well for your Board Exams, even with less time left before the examination starts.

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