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1)  Manish Goel (Student)

The whole Ranjan Tutorials family congratulates Manish for his success and hopes all the best for the future.


"Obvious component of my success Ranjan sir,(priyaranjan sir), he can be component of your success too."

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Ranjan Tutorials the best coaching institute was founded by Mr.Priyaranjan in the year 1999. It has been awarded best coaching classes in Ghaziabad. It was established for preparing the students for various examination. Ever since it was born in 1999 has produced wonderful results over the years and made it presence felt. It has been growing at a breathtaking pace. We are serving the society for last two decades as a best coaching institute. The driving force behind this initiative is to provide right strategy along with professional classroom Coaching. It provides coaching classes for class 5th to 12th along with B.Com, B.A., C.A., C.S., ICMA, BBA, MBA and competitive exams. It provides classroom coaching and home tuition for various subjects.

Over the years, Ranjan's students have shown tremendous achievement. Needless to say, all this could be possible only due to blessing of the "ParamsantshreeNarharijiMaharaj", proper planning at the institute, sharp implementation of the planning, taking timely feedback from the institute & follow up action to plug the shortcoming pointed out by the students from time to time.

The whole teaching system is very well designed and helps the student to perform to the best of their abilities in Board exam and other competitive/university examination. Our students don’t find any difficulty while answering the questions since we used to discuss and workout all probable questions. Systematic classroom coaching under our guidance is sufficient to score high marks for the aspirants. Our mission is to train our students in the right direction to make their dreams come true. With regular classes, Mock Test series and individual attention our many students score 100% marks in board exam and university exam by attending the best coaching classes in Ghaziabad.
We have an expert team of faculty and scholar providing best coaching classes in Kaushambi, Vaishali, Indirapuram and Delhi NCR Ghaziabad.
Today many of our students hold the key position in various organization as a Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary Engineer & Doctor. Our aim is at imparting quality education to prepare students to be active players in the lifelong learning process. We seek to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence & prepare generations for the coming years. It is our constant endeavour to provide a conductive environment for best coaching classes in Indirapuram and Kaushambi where each student is eager to learn and to give back to society.
The expertise & methodologies of Ranjan's have generated a confidence among the students,parents and general public due to which today it is considered as a best coaching classes in Ghaziabad.
If you are looking for best coaching institute near you feel free to contact Ranjan Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.

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From receiving college education to personalized guidance, scholastic support, and advance career training, Ranjan tutorials has always been students’ favorite learning spot. During later years, students believe in finding “Coaching institute near me” rather than wasting hours in traveling.

Since we came into being, we aimed at promoting excellence and lifelong learning. To nurture our students, we promote conceptual clearance rather than cramming. Having years of experience, we have gained an understanding of students grasping capacity and so, we proceed the same way. All our tutors remain up-to-date of all novel teaching strategies to blend it in the teaching process to make it meaningful. Our faculty consists of high achievers who have attained academic excellence in their respective subjects. Rather than bragging our excellence story, we present the excel reports of our students which utter the whole story itself. We synchronize the vast course content and provide supporting material to promote deeper understanding. Be it a 5th class student or an undergraduate one, we believe in individual difference and thus encourage individual learning and for this, we arrange doubt sessions. To acquaint students with exam patterns, their capabilities and time management skills, we conduct back-to-back mock tests, weekend tests, revision tests and paper solving sessions.

Our positive environment ensures a healthy teaching-learning program. Here, students receive the right kind of guidance in a competitive milieu, where competition boosts them internally for better responses. Our trainers are well-versed with all respective boards and can promote healthy learning. Having seen the significant achievement of our students for the past many years, we are attained a level of confidence and self-motivation to rejoice or excellence with.

So, if you have any success dreams and are looking for “Tutors near me”, believe in yourself and approach us for the best results.